We Live On Together

Hi, my name is Taylor Kehn. I am a 14 year old eighth grader. I am currently living in Pennsylvania. I play softball and I am part of the Chartiers Houston marching band.

A few years ago, I found out that I had a sister and from her, I had a baby niece who is 10 years younger than I. This baby girl has the name of Emily. (picture on the left). I fell in love with her very quickly because there was no way that I couldn't love her.

During the week of her first birthday, over at least 3 days straight, she was beaten almost to death by her mother's boyfriend. She sustained 12 fractures; they occurred in both of her legs, one leg had two fractures. Also, her left arm was fractured in 3 places.  Five of her ribs were broken, along with her collarbone being snapped in half. She had a swollen soft spot and fist print bruise on her forehead from where she had been punched in the forehead.

For the past 3 years, my mother, father, brother and I have been constantly getting Emily every weekend except for the weekends that it isn't possible to do.

She lives with her dad and her dad's girlfriend on the weekdays and the weekends that we can't get her, and she visits her other grandma and grandpa who take good care of her as well.

Emily has suffered from horrible nightmares for the past three years, as well as being very fearful of men and being in crowds, but is slowly getting better. 

This is our story.